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Business Card Toolkit for Small Business Owners Business cards are usually one of the first things we think of when we think of small businessbusiness cheap Magic 2014 jerseys networking. And with good reason. It's not an accident that paper business cards are a staple for all of the face to face interactions you have in your business. Just having a business card isn't enough, though. Your business cards need to be well designed and thoughtfully organized in order to make a positive impression on the recipient. Here are a collection of tips thatthat Magic jerseys cheap will help you make your business card one of the most powerful networking tools you have in your small business. If you're a tech savvy small business owner, you may be tempted toto the Magic jersey ditch your paper business cards in favor of apps and gadgets that have been created for the sole purpose of swapping contact information. While you should definitely explore these tools and be aware of what the technology can do, don't give up your paper business cards just yet. There are a handful of reasons why you need traditional business cards in your small business. Think of the Essential Elements in a Business Card First Not sure where to start when it comes to creating your business card? You're in the rightright wholesale Magic jerseys place. Review this list of essential business card elements as you choose which information to feature on your card. You can use a "less is more" approach, or aim to include as much information as you can without cluttering your card. Whichever path you take, make sure you highlight the most important information. Follow the Rules of an Effective Business Card Since we're talking about what you should include on your business card, we should also discuss some important rules to follow as you create your card. Your business card shouldn't be viewed as an opportunity to include everything there is to know about you and your business, or a chance to capture all of the different personas that make up your multidimensional life. Make sure your business card doesn't break any of these rules of an effective business card. Make Sure Your Business Card Passes the Trash Test Many business cards get thrown away shortly after they are handed off, and even more when the recipient returns home and does a second review of the cards they collected at the conference or networking event. While you may not be able to create a business card that is guaranteed to be kept for years to come, you can take some simple steps to avoid getting your card ditched before it has a chance to work for your business. Be Objective When It Comes to Unusual Business Cards You may be tempted to make your business card stand out and become more memorable by using an unusual die cut, trendy hole punches or glittery foil accents. Before you use any of these special finishing options, make sure they are used sparingly and are relevant to your brand. These tips will help you decide if an unusual business card is right for your business. Consider a Brochure Business Card When including extended valuable information on your business card is a must, consider using a brochure business card. A brochure business card measures 3.5" x 4" so it is still the standard business card size when itit cheap Magic jersey is folded, but offers twice as much real estate when it is opened. This type of business card can be especially valuable for small business owners who want to present a specific call to action that requires more copy and background information. More on Business CardsWhy You Need Paper Business Cards for Your Small BusinessPoll: Are Business Cards Still Useful?Does Your Business Card Pass the Trash Test? Small Business Marketing101 Small Business Marketing IdeasSocial Media for BusinessSmall Business Marketing GuideMarketing and Sales How to Write a Small Business Marketing Plan: A Step by Step Guide101 Small Business Marketing ActivitiesTop 5 Bootstrap Marketing Techniques Every Small Business Owner Should UseThe Ultimate Guide to Using Social Media for Small BusinessThe Ultimate Small Business Conference Guide

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